Regardless matter where you live, we strive to provide the best shipping service. Every day, we deliver our goods to hundreds of consumers while making sure to always give you the greatest levels of responsiveness.

At the time an order is placed, the myofficeselect normal delivery time will be visible on the website. Subject to the Product(s) being available, myofficeselect will use reasonable efforts to guarantee that every order placed on the website is sent within the specified time frame. However, the customer acknowledges and agrees that myofficeselect will not be held liable for any shipment delays brought on by factors outside of its control or by mistakes made by the courier. It will be the full responsibility of the customer to supply accurate and correct delivery information, including addresses.

myofficeselect uses Express mail and Royal Mail shipping as its two methods. Royal mail, the default transmission method, often takes 4-5 days to deliver. Although it normally costs more than Royal Mail, Express mail ensures a 2-3 days delivery window. Additionally, the customer must specifically select this one in order to ensure a prompt delivery. We do not process orders on the weekends or on legal holidays. If you received an order confirmation on those days, the order will be completed the next working day in this case.

If fraud is suspected, myofficeselect reserve the right to cancel, postpone, or recall the purchase from product delivery.

Some states forbid the direct sale of goods from other states and call for particular paperwork in order to carry out such a sale without triggering double taxes. If we receive an order from one of these states or for delivery to one of these states, myofficeselect retains the right, in such a case, to accept or reject the order at its sole discretion.

myofficeselect will make reasonable efforts to deliver the Product; but, if this is unsuccessful, the order will be cancelled and the customer will be notified in writing. After deducting the shipping costs in accordance with myofficeselect, we will reimburse the money charged on the Order.

Prior to the shipment of the ordered goods, myofficeselect reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders submitted for merchandise with inaccurate pricing or other information. Due to factors such as restrictions on the purchasable quantities or other issues discovered by its internal department, myofficeselect may not be able to accept all orders. In this case, myofficeselect reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel the order in whole or in part. If payment has already been made by the Customer, myofficeselect will notify the Customer in each instance and initiate a refund in accordance with the Refund & Return Policy.